She's a Ghost
Season 1, Episode 1
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She's a Ghost is the first episode of Rose & Gabi, premiered on August 18, 2014 on nickelodeon.

Synopsis Edit

A shy goth named Rosemary Morde decide to make friends with a popular girl named Penny Brewster in Seattle, turns out Penny makes fun of Rose. At midnight, Rose becomes lost in the Demon World after traveling through the mysterious portal.However, a Hispanic girl named Gabi Martinez and a Italian American boy named Tony Luciotti are moving to the demon world from Seattle with their parents. However, while this had happened, one of the murderous plants came up to Gabi's room, where Rose was, and ate and killed her. When Tony and Gabi return to find her in this state, Gabi is upset because Rose was a ghost. She then vows to bring Rose back to life by putting her in a new baby body. Rose then remembers how she arrived in the Demon World: through a portal between the Human World and the Demon World.While trying to make friends, Tony befriends a naive zombie named Jorge. As they talk at a bar, Tony learns that Jorge is scared of Penny when he was alive. Together, they avoid Gabi and hide in the Garden of innocents baby cemetery, where zombies eats the brains of babies. Tony and Jorge eventually find out that Penny is jealous of Gabi.

Gabi finally holds Rose, who has become depressed that everyone that she knew and loved is dead and tells her that she will accept her apology. Gabi sympathizes with Rose—she too is alone, and hates her job so she quits and joins Tony and Jorge as neighbors. 

Trivia Edit

  • First time Rosemary smiles.
  • First time Rosemary's skeleton were seen.

Quotes Edit

Tony: What's with the hair?
Gabi: I'm an human with high-lighted red brown hair, all right? Now let's drop the subject.
Tony: Is Rosemary becomes a ghost?
Gabi: Yes. Tony, Rosemary died.
Gabi: Interesting. you have a living neighbor whose brain gets eaten by a zombie.
Tony: That's great! What's the guy's name?
Gabi: Jorge Gulliermo Rodriguez.
Gabi: Let me tell you something undead neighbor, we take care of Rosemary or else.
Jorge: No way jorge. first, I'm afraid of Penny then, my brain gets eaten by a zombie and i died.
Tony: aww come on but you got a brain in your head.
Penny: way to go zombie now Gabi is winning a beauty pageant.
Gabi: I don't understand. you better not eat brains.