Poetic Justice
Season 1, Episode 4
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"Poetic Justice" is the fourth episode in the first season of Rose and Gabi. It is the fourth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Tony tries to impress the Penelopes while being teased.

Trivia Edit

  • First time Tony sing.

Quotes Edit

Tony: I know she is my neighbor, a girl and the neighborhood champ, but could you please tell Gabi to stop killing my pets with a butcher knife?!
Jorge: Did you say...butcher knife?
Tony: Uh....Yeah....
Jorge: They...called me the butcher. Back when I had...the gift. (flashes back to his childhood) I was a natural from day one. As I grew, so did my skills. In high school, I was untouchable!
High school kid: Hey, grow up man!
Jorge (VO): They were all just jealous! Jealous of my powers! For I was a king, a force of nature, I was the best neighbor! Then I went to college. I was never the same again! (remembers being killed by a butcher)
Rosemary: i write a poem it's called what does a little girl who is killed by her abusive classmates.
Tony:(singing) my name is Tony and i live with my mom and my aunt Gigi.