Name Shame
Season 1, Episode 5
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"Name Shame" is the fifth episode in the first season of Rose and Gabi. It is the fifth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Penny finds out that Gabi's middle name is cursed and whenever somebody says it, something bad happens. It soon becomes a problem after she spreads it around all of the demon world.

Trivia Edit

  • She and Rosemary that her middle name was cursed. They kept it a secret ever since, sadly, Gabi's mother does not know of the cursed name,spreading the name to everyone.

Quotes Edit

Tony: (tied to a chair) No, I won't do it!
Lucy: (certain) Oh yes, you will.
Penny: What is Gabi's middle name? Finish this word: Ke-ke...
Tony: (anguished) What would happen if I tell is worse than anything you can ever do to me!
Penny: Oh, we're not gonna do anything to you. But I can't say the same for your stupid bear-doll. (holding the bear)
Penny: (her hair falls out after she says Keaira) My hair! hey these aren't even extensions. What's going on?
Lucy: (laughing) Can't stop saying it. Keaira! Ha ha, ha ha- (wallpaper peels and wraps over her mouth, silencing her, then snatches her)
Gabi: (as Tony is about to speak) Tony, no! Everyone, it's time your heard the truth. Some years ago, Rose and I discovered that my middle name is not only very embarrassing, it is cursed. You heard me, cursed! When ever somebody says it out loud something bad happens, usually immediately like just now.
Rosemary: See, told ya it would be worse if I told ya!
Penny: Um, I like sent it to everyone in my blue-berry. Is that bad? (blue-berry explodes)
Gabi: Rose, we gotta go! (rushes out of the house with her)