[The episode begins at the demon world High School. A girl gets a doughnut and scaring the souls out of her classmates,Posters on the school wall: Cherry Prevention Week; Lets all agree with vitamin C! ]

  • Rosemary: Looks like the corpses are rise from the dead.
  • Penny: Ha, ha, very funny, Rosemary. And in case you didn't know, that was sarcasm, maybe Gabriela take a picture of me when i win the competition.
  • Rosemary: Penny, beauty pageants are ridiculous contests for ridiculous girls.
  • Penny:Oh, Rosemary, You gray people are so predictable. But since you were born cadaverous and corpse-like, it's not my place to judge. [They both laugh until Penny stops in shock]
  • Rosemary: i don't know maybe i can win.
  • Penny: What!?
  • Rosemary: Penny I'm gonna say this as touchly as possible. ever since i was six i have enter beauty pageants and winning.
  • Penny: [Furious] Hello? you're a corpse baby with a black cat for a hat please now if you excuse me i better get to class.
  • Lenny: Look Rose! I've got a cherry for a head! I guess that makes me... craaazy?
  • Rosemary: Hello, Lenny.
  • Lenny: Rose, I overheard the hurtful things that Penny said to you. And I think she's got a point. You have to look deep inside, and realize that the only person who can decide if you're truly pretty... is a panel of three judges! Here's a pageant entry form.[day of the dead skulls translation to 130 avenue; Tony appears to be whistling while cleaning the room]
  • Gabi: Tony?
  • Tony: [stops cleaning] Yes, Gabi?
  • Gabi: will you please stop whistling?
  • Tony: [laughs] Affirmative, Gabi![Rosemary enters 130 avenue]
  • Jorge: Rosie, what brings you in on such a fine afternoon?
  • Rosemary: Jorge! It's terrible. the little miss cutie cherry beauty pageant is this weekend.
  • Jorge: Oooh, that is terrible. [he shivers] Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. Bleugh!
  • Rosemary: No, Jorge! Don't you understand?! The terrible part is that I can't go to the beauty pageant!
  • Jorge: [comes closer] Why ever not?
  • Rosemary: Because I'm corpse-like.
  • Jorge: Oh-ho-ho-ho. Now, calm down there, Rosie. I'm sure it can't be half as awful as you... [blood is shown oozing out of her black cat hat; Jorge screams Holy Crud!
  • Rosemary: Do you think I'm... (groping for the right word) ...pretty?
  • Jorge: I meant whatever you do Gabi don't make her squeal, if Rosemary squeal, she kill us. [this causes Rosemary to squeal, killing them with a butcher knife]
  • Penny: You're not really going to enter the Little Miss Cutie Cherry pageant, aren't you, Rosie?
  • Rosemary: Scared of the competition?
  • Penny: I'm scared that the judges will mistake you for a corpse and sent you to your funeral.
  • Jorge: Oh, yeah? We'll see who sent her to the funeral.
  • Tony: Yeah! Rosemary will take your pants off!
  • Gabi: Beat your pants off...
  • Tony: BEAT your pants off.
  • Penny: Oh, I'm soooo sure she'll win. And in you didn't know -- that was sarcasm. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get a rib removed.
  • Gabi: (about Rosemary) What does this girl's attitude say to you?
  • Tony: if you make Rosemary bad things will happen to us.
  • Gabi: Exactly. She is what we refer her as "cadaver little girl".
  • Tony: Yeah, but she's always been this way.

(flashbacks of Rosemary being younger and her mouth covered by a pacifier)

  • Gabi: Then our goal is clear. If she doesn't learn how to be alive by week's end, then she has no hope of going back to the human world.(all singing)Jorge: Hey, Chico I just wanna say, Chico if you'd only smile once in a while then maybe your face wouldn't look so vile. Tony: Just give it a trial! Gabi: It's always in style. Rosemary: This song is a big, stinky pile.[ later at the beauty pageant.]
  • Gabi: Gentlemen, prepare for shock and awe. The plain, drab Rosemary you knew before is muerto.
  • Jorge: Jesus Cristo, you're killing me.
  • Penny:we're almost here Rosemary and good luck (laughs evilly).
  • Tony: I think I'm gonna be sick
  • Penny: Well if it isn't little miss runner up, and in case you didn't know, that was sarcasm! Wait! No, it wasn't ![ Penny gasped because Rosemary throw a hair-bow],you're ruining my moment p.u what am i wearing i need to change.[Rosemary perform trapeze acts,everyone cheers and she was taking a bow]
  • Lenny: and the winner of the Little Miss Cutie Cherry pageant goes to?
  • Penny: not me [Penny dressed as a goth girl while Rosemary dressed as a girly girl]
  • Lenny: to Rosemary(He put the pageant crown on Rosemary and everyone cheers.)
  • Gabi:wow that is awesome Rosemary, we're so proud of you.

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