Gabi Rodriguez
Age 13
Status Undead
Gender Female
Species Ghost
Skin Pale-white

Gabriela "Gabi" Mallory Raven Rodriguez is the main character of Gabi(tv series)

Personality Edit

Gabi's spirited and highly-eccentric personality, especially in light of her death, has alienated her from her fellow children (whom she still considers to be her friends, despite them mistreating her), yet Gabi makes the perfect best friend for Louie, an human boy who is scared of her. She is also extremely cute, sweet and spooky. Gabi attends a catholic school for girls and boys called Our Lady of the Roses.

Appearance Edit

Gabi has the appearance of a young girl with black hair, pale white skin and red-brown eyes. She mostly wears different kinds of lolita gothic fashion with accessories. When she was dead, she wore a red violet dress with black laces and black Mary-Jane shoes. When she was alive, her eyes were hazel.

Bio Edit

Life Edit

Gabi was originally a beloved daughter of a wealthy,but abusive family.

Death Edit

She was killed by a car, and died.

Undead Edit

Gabi rises back from the dead and meeting a human boy named Louie.