Gabi is an American animated television series co-created by Sandra Equihua, Daron Nefcy and Mia Talerico. the series that premiered on August 16 2014 on nickelodeon.

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The series tells the story of a mother and a father named Lila and Hubert moving their two daughters, Lily and Melissa and their son, Louie to Fresh Valley and they open a bakery. A Mexican girl named Gabi who is mistreated by her parents named Jane and Hector and her older twin siblings named Maria and Guillermo after her death,Louie took her in and raised her as one of his own.

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  • Carrietta Nikita "Cari" Perkins (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - Gabi's nice classmate, who Gabi considers her best friend.
  • Lila and Hubert (voiced by Tara Strong and John DiMaggio)-Louie's parents.
  • Bebe, Annie and Suzie - Gabi's possé consists of Bebe(voiced by Lili Ishida), Annie (voiced by Jillian Henry) and Suzie (voiced by Kali Whitehurst). They usually travel in a group and seldom say anything other than a sarcastic "Yeah!" in unison when agreeing with Cari on something. They appear to be Gabi's friends.
  • Mrs. Perkins - (voiced by April Winchell) Cari's mother.
  • Sister Maria (voiced by Candi Milo) - the nun teacher of Gabi's school.