Chica Mostly Ghostly is an first episode of Gabi(tv series)

Plot Edit

Gabi,a little girl who has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts, but her parents and her older siblings mistreated and neglect her.By age 13, Gabi begins to go to school to be like other girls but a popular girl in her class makes fun of her,Gabi is not going to make friends, runs away crying from school and killed by a car. at Gabi's funeral, they apologize for making fun of Gabi.Lily, Melissa and Louie compete against each other. Then The gang are going to the cemetery where Gabi the end, Gabi meets Louie causes him to scream and run away,She remarks Happy funeral day and giggles.

Trivia Edit

  • First time Gabi smiles.

Cultural references Edit

  • The episode shares many similarities to Mari Kari.
  • After Cari says Gabi's name, her hair falls out in a similar way that Portia Gibbons did when she found out that her hair falls out.