Baby Face
Season 1, Episode 6
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Name Shame Something about Gabe

"Baby Face" is the sixth episode in the first season of Rose and Gabi. It is the sixth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Despite Jorge's ban on pets, Tony brings home a baby zombie turtle, but it quickly turns the room into a graveyard for a zombie meal.

Trivia Edit

  • it is revealed that Lucy has a fear of zombies.

Quotes Edit

Gabi: Tony, we have to return a turtle back to the graveyard.
Tony: Well, let's teach this turtle how to be alive.
Jorge: Too much work. Let's take the turtle back to the graveyard.
Lucy: Penny's gonna kill me.
Jorge: No, she'll probably make me do it.
Jorge: whatever you do Lucy don't dance,i mean what's the worst gonna happen?
Jorge: Okay that's the worst gonna happen.
Lucy: aah zombies ever since i was a little girl and my mother is killed by zombies.
Penny: Lucy you have a fear of zombies. (zombie turtle tried to enter Lucy's head and eat her brain cause her to turn into a zombie)
Lucy: Hi I'm a undead weirdo and everyone loves me. (laughs, then walk away)
[Penny watches Rosemary, Tony and Gabi trying to return a turtle back to the graveyard]
Penny: Oh My God! Mom and Dad are gonna kill me! and I'm gonna be dead If my parents figured out Lucy was a zombie, they'll bury me alive and dance on my grave.